Friday, February 01, 2013

Update on the Blue Mustang of DIA

The day after I posted the story of the blue Mustang at Denver's International Airport, a local news station called for opinions on whether the 32 ft. sculpture should be removed. It seems that the stallion is up for its 5 year public art review and the floor is open for comments.
See the story at
It's time for those in the know to weigh in at (right column on the time line).
Some people have called for landscaping to soften El Mesteno's startling impact and one compassionate horse lover suggested surrounding it with a few mares.
Joanna Morsicato wrote, "It just needs company....where are the mares that go with this crazy horse? Needs a colorful set of companions....added one at a time over the next 5 years. LOL."

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