Thursday, June 28, 2007

A New Project

(image from a Cyrillic site that I can't decipher...)

I have to admit, I've learned a lot about public sculpture in the years I've been writing this blog. Even though I thought I was savvy before, the stories that have come to light through my research have been pretty amazing.

So I'd like to announce a new project and hope for some input as I go along. I'll be writing a book called (working title) Sculptural Assassination and will focus on instances of iconoclasm throughout history, but more specifically, as they relate to my own experience. ("Whaaaatttt?" you may be asking, slack jawed, scratch-headed...) My definition of iconoclasm, by the bye, is the destruction of works of art for ideological reason, religious, political, social, etc. So if you have any stories you want to share, let me know... I'll research 'em if they interest me...

There's a ton to learn and I've already picked up some books that are blowing me away. I'll share some of the stuff I learn as I go along.

To begin, I feel that every book should have a cover, so I invite you to send in a picture to me to help me make a working cover to hang on my wall to inspire me... Once I've done it, I'll post it on the blog, of course...


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