Monday, July 16, 2007

Too many statues???

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Can you ever have too many public statues?

I was shocked, shocked to discover that the City of Westmister (London, England) thinks you can. They say their bailiwick is absolutely stuffed with the things and they want to put a restriction on any more bronze residents. One of their solutions is to encourage artists to put new monuments up in other, underserved parts of the city and make the new memorials consist of gardens and parks. According to London Life "Councillors are also considering a "saturation zone" in Whitehall where just under half of Westminster's memorials are located." Which, including war memorials and medallions, total 94. We should be so lucky! And in the same space, may I ask, how many tobacconists are there? How many news kiosks?

So what's next? Bussing the ones they've got to quota-ed areas? Hmmmmmmmm.... Which to choose? Who decides? Establish a lottery to host a statue? Will other parts of the city bid for the best? Will there be cat fights to grab the newest monuments? And what happens if artists find other venues more congenial? Will there be a sudden lunge on the part of Westminster to grab a few back? Kidnappings?

I hope they think things through! For a really amusing video on the topic, go to-

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