Friday, March 23, 2012

Diagnosis on a 350 year old patient

(Photo from the Washington Post)

Scanning the news today, I hit the jackpot. The story from the Washington Post recounted the medical treatment of a 350 year old statue of Buddha that uncovered some startling internal discoveries.
What interested me more than the discovery itself, were the techniques that medicos from two sites in FL used in finding it.
And why.
The bodhi wasn't complaining of any malady.
A 2008 xray did show evidence of two masses in the body and head of the statue. The follow up CT, etc. took 3 years to schedule. (Hmmmmm).
Are x-rays of ancient statues routine? Mummies have them, but I wasn't aware of any protocol for other pieces of art. More to come on this fascinating topic.

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