Monday, March 12, 2012

An Equestrian at Last!

It's all come around again in a way.
When the four plinths that surround Trafalger Square in London were erected in the mid 19th century, two of them were meant to hold standing bronze guys and two were meant to hold equestrian  bronze guys. All went well until the money ran out, though, and for 150 years, the fourth plinth remained empty.
Then, in 1998, after a nudge by a reader of The Evening Standard and an art critic to install George III on the site, the Royal Society of Arts came up with the brilliant plan of using it for temporary sculptures by international artists.
Competition for the spot has been fierce ever since it opened with a tiny figure of Christ called "Ecce Homo"
The range of pieces has been amazing and controversial. The latest, installed last month, takes the plinth back to its original intent- in a way.
It now holds an equestrian piece (called Powerless Structure, Fig. 101) at last. But the equestrian is a young boy on a rocking horse. at 13 feet tall, it's hard to miss.

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